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Agape Trust

The Word Agape describes the type of love that gives without expecting anything in return. We believe that children need to grow up feeling really loved and appreciated. They need contact with adults who they can trust and who care and encourage them to develop feelings of self-worth and self-esteem.

By giving children of our time we show them that they are valuable. God demonstrated His great love towards us by sending His Son to die on the cross for our transgressions. If we really believe this we become messengers of God’s love to those who need it.

Family on mission journey.

Leaving South Africa for Europe in 1998

The Agape Trust was initially started as a fundraising initiative for disadvantaged children, to support communities, individuals and organisations to create better conditions for children’s health and development and organise meaningful and creative activities for the children to help them develop positive life-skills.

Our focus has shifted since we moved to Poland in 2007. The time, effort and the costs involved for significant fundraising distracted us from the effort required to actively help individuals. We decided that in our situation it is more time and cost effective to fund our activities out of our own pocket. Therefore we have unregistered our Swedish registered charity, the Agape Trust Insammlingsstiftelsen. Insammlingsstiftelsen is Swedish for charity foundation.

This means that any donations go 100% towards helping these young people as our overheads and other running costs are already covered.

Our focus has shifted since we moved to Poland in 2007. Fundraising was such a time consuming and draining activity that we unregistered our Swedish registered charity, the Agape Trust Insammlingsstiftelsen. Insammlingsstiftelsen is Swedish for charity foundation.

We do what we can, to the best of our abilities, and God will provide.

Deciding to run our help program from our own pocket limits us and meant we had to reassess our activities, as the Agape Trust we still needed funding to devote our time to practical aid work and to employ people to help us with this work.

Joanna and Vic at the Zambeze River

We are Joanna and Vic 

I (Joanna) am a social worker. I was born and raised in Poland so obviously my heart beats for the Polish children and youth. I want to share God’s love with as many as I am able…

Vic was born and raised in South Africa and is a retired chemist, but still a philosopher. He has worked most of his life with management in international companies and he is excellent when it comes to implementing empowerment principles when working with groups of people. He studied psychology to better understand integrating and motivating a workforce. The same principles are are valid in motivating and helping build self-esteem in emotionally vulnerable youth.

We are based in NE Poland and have regular contact with children in some orphanages and young adults who have grown up in the Polish orphanage system. Our current focus is on young unmarried mothers who have left the orphanage system and are struggling to cope with life after an institutionalized childhood, which started often in dysfunctional families.

We have a smallholding outside town. Somewhere where a stressed out young mother or a woman escaping domestic abuse can find a safe haven and have the opportunity to reflect and take stock of their life. At present we have one cottage, but plan on building a house where 4-6 young mothers from the orphanage system can live with their children, while learning to cope with living in normal unistitutionalized society, and at least two more cottages. This is so the woman and child/children can have a quiet place and privacy.



Jesus said: “Whoever receives one little child like this
in My name, receives Me.” Matthew 18:5


Donation disclaimer: The Agape Aid Trust was a Swedish registered Christian Charity, but we found the administrative tasks with running the charity from Poland distracted us from our primary mission.

We are now registered as a charity in Poland under Dziecie w rodzinie (Children in a Family).

We are focusing on the practical work of helping young people in need, particularly unmarried young mothers.

Our overheads and basic running expenses are met so any donation goes 100% towards helping unmarried young mothers who have come out of the Polish orphanage system to find a meaningful place in society.